Through a Glass Darkly: Resurrection Gone Wrong

In this series we explore the many intersections of metal and biblical allegory.

The title track from Ozzy Osbourne’s 1983 album Bark at the Moon describes an evil creature who rises up from the grave to go after those who had cursed and buried him. The moon in the song functions as a metaphor for the desire within this being for retribution and recalls werewolf and zombie mythology. At one point there is even a reference to the creature being in a “lunar spell” further emphasizing the moon/ evil connection. Moreover, in this section of the song the guitar howls in the background with high-pitched bends as if the creature is in the “shadow” of the singer. Ozzy then sings that the evil being “finds his heaven spewing from the mouth of hell.”

One thing Osbourne has right in this song is that even those who are evil will one day rise out of the grave but not to glory and revenge but to judgment by God. In fact, every single human being that ever lived will be judged at the resurrection (Rev. 20:4-6; 12-13) but one group will be sent to the lake of fire in eternal torment (Rev. 20:14) and the other will live with God on the restored earth for all of eternity. It is those who are in Christ who will be part of the latter group and they will be the ones who reign in his millennial kingdom (Rev. 20:4). What Ozzy got wrong about the resurrection we need to get right since our eternal address lies in our acceptance or denial of the gospel.


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