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Music and Culture

Retuned in Review 2012: The 15 Most Popular Articles

The 15 most popular articles of 2012 reflect the diverse musical choices of Retuned; from the first opera ever created to Taylor Swift’s latest release. If you are new to Retuned this list is a great primer for the conversations we have on theology and the arts. In the coming year, we will continue to bring our readers content which explores the interaction between music and the gospel with the 2013 relaunch. In the meantime, enjoy the best that 2012 had to offer.

#15 The 10 Kitschiest Christian Songs

#14 Apocalyptic Romance: Frank Ocean’s ‘Bad Religion’

#13 Agnus Dei: Marc Webb’s Lamb (Part 3)

#12 Agnus Dei: Marc Webb’s Lamb (Part 2)

#11 The 5 Best Songs for Justice

#10 The State of Hip Hop: Divergent Views on Social Justice in ‘Changes’ and ‘Send Me/Represent’

#9 John Tibbs Interview

#8 Musical Maturity Through Sexuality

#7 Agnus Dei: Marc Webb’s Lamb (Part 1)

#6 ‘Pierrot Lunaire’: Deprived of a Savior, an Introduction

#5 Through a Glass Darkly: Present the Gospel to Deny it

#4 Why Taylor Swift Will Never Ever, Like Ever, Get Her Love Story

#3 The 5 Worst Worship Experiences

#2 Apocalyptic Romance: “When I am Laid in Earth”

#1 Adventures in Missing the Point: Pusha T’s Feud with Lil’ Wayne