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Questionable Searches (John Piper Hip Hop Edition)

John Piper

aroma contemporary christian music lyrics

Ink and parchment with a bit of mustiness for good measure.

christian song called trying too hard


church hymns predictable chords

All of them. ‘Nuff said. BOOM!

does god honor groaning as way of worship?

Why yes he does. What kind of question is that? Have you not heard of the Christian Metal scene? He also accepts scream, yells and cries especially when set against de-tuned guitars with killer riffs.

harlem shake in bible meaning

The town of Harlemite was an ancient Israelite town which was destroyed due to something called the “shake”. People became obsessed with doing the “shake” and eventually everyone ran themselves out of town because of all the shaking. They decided to stop the “shake” but the town, sadly, was already gone. So they started a new town and this is the story of how Jerusalem was founded. Fact.

is john jacob jingleheimer schmidt out of the bible

Half of him is. John and Jacob are in there but Jingleheimer and Schmidt are oddly not to be found. If you had asked, “Is John Jacob Jehoshaphat Shemaryahu out of the bible?” The answer would have been yes, of course.

john piper hip hop

Yes John Piper does hip hop. He goes by the moniker MC Biblical Manhood Against Feminism and the Post-Modern World and is the manliest hip hopper out there. Also highly influential with other rappers, see here.

young cheesy christian girl band

Like Beyonce, Chuck E Cheese has an all woman band. Don't let the mustache fool you.

Like Beyonce, Chuck E Cheese has an all woman band. Don’t let the mustache fool you.

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